ISA Application Form

Please download and print the application form below. After you have completed and signed the form post it to Halifax Share Dealing Ltd. Please note that accounts will not be activated until the signed documents have been received.

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If you have any problems please contact us.

isa application form


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Please note: tax resident relates to countries where you have the obligation to file a tax return or where you are subject to income tax in the UK or in another country.

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We will attempt to verify your identity electronically. If we require further documentation we will contact you directly.

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Initial charge £30 plus VAT. If this is not included, it will be Signature(s) deducted from the initial subscription.
Monthly: Please enclose a personal cheque for your first Date contribution made payable to Halifax Share Dealing Limited and complete the Direct Debit instruction opposite. (Please note that regular subscriptions will continue until we are otherwise notified.)
Lump Sum: Please enclose a personal cheque made payable to Halifax Share Dealing Limited. (Minimum investment £1,000).


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Dividends automatically reinvestedDividends paid automatically to your bank


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