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Key facts

  • Total assets £1,035 million*
  • Launch date 1 July 1889
  • Average Annual Return 12.2%**
  • Annual charge 0.87%***
ABOUT THE TRUST * As at 31 January 2018
** Source: Morningstar, performance period 30 June 1985 to 31 January 2018, TR net of fees, GBP
*** As at 30 September 2017, includes: management fee 0.70%, marketing and administration costs


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Latest data

British Empire Share Price
NAV: 798.60
Dividend Yield: 1.70
As of 22/02/18 , Currency: GBX

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Price Performance

December 2007 to December 2017

Managers Comment

More comments January

January’s adverse FX moves (versus Sterling) failed to overwhelm strong local currency gains from key positions as BTEM’s NAV increased by +1.5% despite FX losses of -2.7%. Our largest contributors were EXOR, Digital Garage, Aker, Cosan Limited, Wendel, Swire Pacific Bs, and GP Investments. The only detractors of note in local currency terms were Tokyo […]


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About British Empire

British Empire Trust p.l.c. (British Empire) is a closed-end investment trust with shares listed on the London Stock Exchange and part of the FTSE 250 index. The investment objective is to achieve capital growth through a focused portfolio of investments, particularly in companies whose share prices stand at a discount to estimated underlying net asset value.

British Empire is managed by Asset Value Investors Limited (AVI). Working closely with British Empire Trust, AVI specialise in seeking positive results from opportunities that others fail to spot.

British Empire Trust 125 Years BookBritish Empire Trust 125 Years Book
(hard copies available upon request to UK addresses only)


Morningstar Analyst Rating

as at 9 December 2015

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What is an Investment Trust?

An investment trust is simply a public limited company that issues shares in exchange for cash from investors. These cash funds are then pooled and reinvested in assets such as other stock market shares, bonds or property.

It’s the role of asset management companies such as AVI to plan and oversee investments on behalf of investment trusts and to ensure they deliver as profitable a return as possible for trust shareholders.

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